CRG(Creative Guardian)は、映画、連続ドラマ、コミック、小説など、多岐にわたるジャンルの創作活動をサポートする、クリエイターエージェンシーです。





株式会社CRG(Creative Guardian, Inc.)
代表取締役CEO/弁護士 四宮隆史


CRG (“Creative Guardian”) is a creator agency that supports creative activities in a wide variety of genres, including but not limited to movies, serial dramas, comics, and novels.

We have developed and produced various entertainment products. Using this experience, we want to create new stories that will move people and transform society, including our living environment and business environment.

Many people are involved in developing entertainment products, including not only content creators but also financial backers, advertisers, and distributors for the various media. In order to achieve our goals, we have to create an environment in which all these people are protected. As we provide more opportunities for larger numbers of people to experience artistic products, we realize that no one will be happy unless, along with protecting the rights of content creators and artists, we create conditions making it easier for them to use those rights and conditions that will generate a stronger desire to produce works of art.

We believe that entertainment truly free of international borders will be made possible by maintaining a proper balance between high-level creative activity(“Creative”)and protecting rights and loosening restrictions(“Guardian”).

By further expanding our network of extremely talented content creators and artists and making full use of their talents, we at CRG pursue creativity in all fields in order to create strong entertainment products that bring a smile to people through the world and excite their interest.

CRG Co., Ltd.(Creative Guardian, Inc.)
Takashi Shinomiya